Clothology Studio - Maureen Sugrue

I work on cloth, a medium which implies and offers radically different qualities than a stretched canvas, a chunk of marble, a photo or a matted and framed work.

Historically cloth was an important part of all levels of life from birth to death, serving as status symbol, private wealth, record keeper, aesthetic/ritual object and functional item. This is still the case in most traditional societies as well as many aspects of our modern world.

Textiles offer many possibilties - as an art medium and for functional, decorative and clothing purposes. All the concerns of color, design, pattern and texture can be explored, both in two and three dimensional forms.

I have traveled far and wide and spent a small fortune in this pursuit, looking at cloth in countries famous for their elegance and expertise, visiting the famous textile collections in some of the world's great museums. My inspiration comes from many places, particularly close observation of nature.

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